Over the last year, Distinctive PR has been named one of the most elite and effective companies that represents brands globally.

We offer multiple services that help progress brands within the entertainment, fashion, beauty, corporate, and food industries to maximize profits and exposure.

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Innovation and dedication is more important to us.

Distinctive Management, LLC. consists of a team of creative individuals that have worked in depth within multiple industries developing and expanding brands for several years.

Our passion and drive for originality has presented many opportunities for us in the past and is only growing.

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Brand and personality profiling

Maintaining a high profiled image is crucial to keeping your company afloat. Let us help consult you in your everyday profile to maintain a positive image.

Event management

Need an event planned? We can assist you. From coordinating vendors, venues, or catering, we have every essential connection needed to have a successful event.

Product placement

Product place on infomercials, celebrities, and online can be very difficult to obtain. Allow Distintive PR to step in, and fulfill all your requests on your next placement.

Advertising and design

Are your sites outdated and press campaigns dull? Logo need a pick me up? Let’s set you up with the best graphic designers to revamp your brands image.

Online promotions

Have a great product but don’t know how to properly promote it online? With our social media and marketing team, we can help you reach an all time high with sales.

Brand management

Branding yourself or business is key to being successful. What efforts are you taking to take your business to the next level? Don’t worry, we got it.

Providing An Experience

Like No Other Company.

Check Out Our Testimonials:


“Fast, efficient results since we first started collaborating with Distinctive PR.” – Jas and Ness


“Distinctive PR helped to build a relationship for me with Dre Beats. I am excited for future collaborations with their help!” – Amir Khan


“Our social media following has grown twice the amount we had in the past two years within three months of us choosing Distinctive PR to represent our company.” – Lesebi


“We highly recommend all small and big businesses to collaborate with Distinctive, where each person working on your campaign cares about your company’s SUCCESS!!” – Hit Maker Society


“For every photoshoot planned with Distinctive, they have provided us with fresh faces, popular models and a well organized set! They are now our go-to company for all help with booking inquires and coordinating expertise.” – Kams Clothing


“Distinctive PR helped us get our media list updated and organized. They also created a structured plan for our social media that helped us see a quicker, more positive press response and build a higher audience on our social media.” – LA Fashion Week

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For career or internship inquiries please email resume & cover letter to career@distinctivepr.com

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