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“Fast, efficient results since we first started collaborating with Distinctive PR.” – Jas and Ness


“Distinctive PR helped to build a relationship for me with Dre Beats. I am excited for future collaborations with their help!” – Amir Khan


“Our social media following has grown twice the amount we had in the past two years within three months of us choosing Distinctive PR to represent our company.” – Lesebi


“We highly recommend all small and big businesses to collaborate with Distinctive, where each person working on your campaign cares about your company’s SUCCESS!!” – Hit Maker Society


“For every photoshoot planned with Distinctive, they have provided us with fresh faces, popular models and a well organized set! They are now our go-to company for all help with booking inquires and coordinating expertise.” – Kams Clothing


“Distinctive PR helped us get our media list updated and organized. They also created a structured plan for our social media that helped us see a quicker, more positive press response and build a higher audience on our social media.” – LA Fashion Week

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